Top Linux Distros for Beginners 2012

Have you ever tough about switching your OS? Are you bored with your windows xp, or windows 7 and want to try something new? Well i know i have had it enough with windows so i decided to check few Linux Distros to see which one could fit my needs. So i have started up virtual machine and the installations could begin. First in order was:

5.Peppermint OS 3:

It is very light distro that has LXDE desktop envioronment as default, that enviroment is very easy to use. The 3rd version of this OS is based on lubuntu 12.04. it has elegant theme and include all media codecs needed for playing music videos etc. This OS doesn’t use a lot of resources so it’s great for using on older computers or on netbooks.

Peppermint OS 3 in action

Peppermint OS 3.0 ready for usage

DOWNLOAD: Peppermint

The second OS i have tried is


Zorin is linux that is optimised for users who are just transferring from windows 7, so if this  is your first time seeing linux you can try this distro, you won’t be dissapointed for sure. Beside looking like windows 7 this linux distro comes wiht “zorin look changer” so you can make it look like previous version of windows or even MAC OSx. Zorin OS also offers four premium versions (Ultimate, Business, Multimedia, Gaming) which are available upon donating. There is also a free version that does not come with as much software pre-installed.

zorin os looking like windows 7

Zorin OS Linux distro that looks like windows 7


3. Pinguy OS 12.04 LTS

Pinguy is OS based on ubuntu 12.04 that is coming with a lot of pre-installed software, this is for the guys and girls who want to explore the potentials of linux to see what can be done. It’s also very nifty cause it has almost every software that user can ask for Pinguy OS includes two Docks by default and the overall look of the desktop leans toward OS X. Pinguy OS 12.04 includes a customized gnome-shell.

pinguy OS

pinguy linux distro 12.04 LTS


2. Linux Mint 13

Linux Mint has succeeded to come to the second place as most popular linux distro, they guy behind this linux distro has worked really hard to fix all the things that are broken in ubuntu. The interface is really user friendly it has huge base of software, and also come with quite few software pre installed. The distro works so well out of the box you will not be spending any time trouble shooting. Linux Mint 13 comes in 2 editions. The Cinnamon edition includes a modern Gnome 3 desktop with a familiar and traditional layout. The MATE edition comes with a Gnome 2 desktop. Cinnamon edition is quite advanced and the gnome edition looks so boring. So if you are up for an adventure i suggest you to install cinnamon, it’s great.

linux mint gnome

linux Mint with Gnome 2


1. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

The first spot clearly goes to Ubuntu 12.04, as you can see the most dristos are based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu has the most software packages and the thing that makes it most advanced is that it has huge community that is always ready to help you with the problems you might have. I am using ubuntu 12.04 on my netbook acer aspire one 722 and the only problem i ever  had was with the sleep function of netbook but with little googling and few questions asked on the board and reading few tips and tricks i have found solution how to make this problem go away. Unity on ubuntu is very stabile and polished so it’s quite easy to use, and i must admit i like it a lot.

ubuntu 12.04 with unity

Ubuntu 12.04 unity