Top 5 ghost ships

5. Lady Lovibond:

The story of this sailing vessel is encompassed by romance, jealousy and retaliation. As the legend goes, Simon Reed, captain of the Lady Lovibond was busy with crew members in his post marriage celebration on February 13, 1748. According to several accounts, John Rivers, the steerer of ship, was in love with captain’s bride, Annetta. Filled with jealousy and rage, he intentionally steered the vessel into the punic Goodwind Sands, best known for causing ship wrecks. The collision killed everyone almost instantly. There is an old tale that this ghost ship appears after every fifty years nearby Kent. It has been sighted in 1798, 1848, 1898 and in 1948. However, there were no confirmed sighting in 1998 but till the date it is considered as the most babbled ghost ship in Europe.

4. Ourang Medan:

One of the most spine-chilling story in the history of ghost ships, Ourang Medan was a Dutch cargo vessel which was involved in smuggling chemical substances. As the story goes, in June 1947, two American vessels, Silver Star and the City of Baltimore, experienced some undecipherable Morse code from the radio operator of Ourang Medan. The operator accounted the death of its entire crew including ship’s captain and all of its officers. When rescue team of Silver Star boarded on Ourang Medan, they discovered only corpses in terrified postures. Shockingly, there were no signs of external injuries on dead bodies and even the ship was in unharmed condition. But from the expressions on the faces of dead bodies, rescue team concluded that they died in sheer terror. The remaining search of this old fashioned ghost ship ended, when it suddenly exploded while dragging it to the nearest port. It sank in the darkest depth of Pacific, leaving behind stack of mysteries and skeptics for historians.

3. Carroll A. Deering:

This giant schooner was built in 1919 and was named after the son of its owner. On January 28, 1921, while returning to Hampton Roads, Deering was sighted by a lightship in North Carolina. According to Captain Jacobson, lightship’s keeper, a mysterious man from the vessel reported him that Deering had lost its anchor. Jacobson also noted that the crew of vessel was milling around on that part of deck which is generally not allowed for everyone. On January 31, the ship was once again located on the shoals of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. On February 4, a rescue team approached the vessel but there was no sign of human activities on the board. Decks were awash, navigation equipments, lifeboats and log were missing. Bermuda Triangle, pirates or attack of Russians? There are numerous speculations on the historical threads of this ghost ship but still it’s the biggest maritime mystery.

2. Flying Dutchman:

Marking its origination in 17th century, Flying Dutchman relates a ghost ship which is also said to be a mirage, hallucination and an illusion. According to nautical folklore, this phantom-ship can never reach to port and sails constantly in the ocean with unnatural speed. In 1729, Captain Vanderdecken steered this ship towards the Cape of the Good Hope, located in the Atlantic coast of South Africa. Suddenly a storm broke out but stubborn and fearless captain continued his journey and swore an oath that he would reach his destination even if it took him until Doomsday. The ship never reached Cape and there were no signs of well-beingness but till the date it roams in powerful ocean as a ghost ship.

1. Mary Celeste:

On November 5, 1872, this merchant ship started its fateful journey from New York to Genoa. Launched under the command of Captain Benjamin Briggs, this gigantic ship was carrying a monolithic pool of wine and liquors. On December 4, 1872, the captain of “Dei Gratia” sighted a ship about five miles away from their own location. As the search team moved closer, the still-under-sail ship was recognized as the Mary Celeste. The personal belongings and valuables of crew were untouched but the 7 crew members, captain, his wife and daughter were missing from the board. Disappearance of people on board is still a wide subject of mystery. No sign of violence and struggle. People just perished like fume.