Top 10 Android Strategy Games 2013

The android community is getting bigger and bigger every day and there is an insane amount of games on google market, or google play as it’s called nowadays, i have been using many different android phones over the years and until recenlty i couldn’t play most of the games, to be exact most of the 3D games. Since the early age of my gaming experience i always wanted to play strategy games, something about them just attracted me, maybe it has something to do with developing strategy and out play your opponent, or many different options that strategy games usually have. Either way i started playing top android strategy games on my phone and i wanted to share my experience with you.

10th place goes to:

World War II is the child of HeroCraft in this game you are supposed to take lead of command army and conquere whole Europe.

Strategy & Tactics: WW II Free


9th place goes to:

Colonial Wars Strategy game, this is fun to play strategy game, it has a bit childish interface but it’s highly addictive and interesting.

Colonial was strategy game



8th place goes to:

Castle Defense Strategy. This is medieval tower defense game, has dynamics of 50 beautiful created maps created for more hours of pure fun and satisfaction.

7th place goes to:
Modern Conflict

 Tap to select units and then tap to send them into battle. Repeat until you win! If you lose, just rethink your strategy and try again. You’ll keep coming back as it’s so easy to have just one more go!

ONE-TOUCH REAL-TIME STRATEGY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS An interactive tutorial introduces intuitive controls, while missions gradually increase in difficulty!

6th place goes to:

War Kingdoms strategy game RTS. One of the muliplayer android strategy games that i liked so it’s highly recommendable for you to check it out.

Download it right here!

5th place goes to:

Monster Defense strategy game. In this game you are defending your castle from monsters that try to conquer it.

monster defense strategy game