The world’s greatest road trips

South West USA

Play Cowboys and Indians for real – think cattle-wrangling and learning the medicinal properties of local flora rather than last stand shootouts – on an all American road trip through the heartland of the South West.

Best for… the open road

You’ll drive from the glitz of Las Vegas, through the breathtaking Grand Canyon, to Lake Powell in Utah. Home to the Hopi and Navajo Indians, this area hosts some of the most dramatic scenery in the entire US.

Western Australia

Western Australia is brimming over with awe-inspiring landscapes, just begging to be traversed on four wheels. From cosmopolitan Perth, you’ll drive eastward along the Great Eastern Highway, taking in Kalgoorlie, an ancient gold rush city, and the epic stretches of golden sand that make up Esperance.

Best for… the road less travelled

For the last stop on your western jaunt, you’ll zip off to Pemberton, a town that stands on former Aboriginal land where you can put your feet up before exploring the Karri forests – on a tramcar.

Basilicata, Italy

It’ll be hard to keep your eyes on the road as you cruise through this gorgeous southern region of Italy. You’ll wind in and out of a glut of little-known villages dotting the hills, mountains and coastline and stop off to finish your evening at luxe five-star hotels along the way.

Best for… epic landscapes

Every colourful nook and theatrical cranny of this fascinating nation has its charm, but Basilicata’s mountains and deep green hills arcing and rolling towards the turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea really take some beating.

Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest is a driver’s nirvana. From behind the wheel you’ll revel in dramatic landscapes as you meander through miles of sweeping roads and deserted trails. The region offers the perfect landscape for drivers, from fast and sweeping forest trails to tight and twisting mountain passes.

Best for… putting the pedal to the metal

Throw in beautiful, well-preserved German medieval villages, plus lakes, waterfalls and river gorges to boot, and you’ve got the perfect petrolhead cocktail.