The Highest-Paid Software Engineers In Technology

If you talk to a software engineer, they’re probably most interested in attacking difficult and interesting problems that affect a lot fo people.

But it’s really not surprising that some of the most popular software companies among engineers and developers also pay the best, according to salary data we pulled from GlassDoor.

We’ve assembled a list of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley that pay their software engineers and developers the best.

These salaries do appear to be entry-level engineers — so there are some senior engineers that make much more. But still, it shows why a lot of people choose the companies they do. Although you might expect that Google in the first place, it is not the case. With 103 438 dollars, this company is located on the 6th place, and Apple has a couple of hundred dollars more (average yearly salary was 103 883 dollars) to 5 site.

See which tech companies pay their software engineers the best:

12. IBM 86.608$
11. Microsoft 87.956$
10. Amazon 92.613$
9. Oracle 99.391$
8. Zynga 100.494$
7. Yahoo 102.638$
6. Google 103.438$
5. Apple 103.883$
4. Cisco Systems 105.562$
3. LinkedIn 110.902$
2. Facebook 111.428$
1. Twitter 114.917$