Run Cisco Packet Tracer in Ubuntu

Cisco Packet Tracer is a Official network simulation program by Cisco that allows users to experiment with network behavior. As an integral part of the Networking Academy comprehensive learning experience, Packet Tracer provides simulation, visualization, authoring, assessment, and collaboration capabilities and facilitates the teaching and learning of complex technology concepts.

Packet Tracer has available in ubuntu and other linux distro with various source installer (.bin .deb .rpm), this Article we will discuss about How to install Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3 in Ubuntu. Following step by step installing Packet tracer 5.3 in Ubuntu :

Download Packet Tracer 5.3 Source Installer
As mention above, packet tracer 5.3 available in various source installer, for those ubuntu user we suggest to choose .deb or .bin to get better compatibility, If you are student of Cisco Network Academy just sign-in and download fresh Packet Tracer DEB package from there. Notice you should find there Linux/Ubuntu version of Packet Tracer instead of binary .exe file for Windows, otherways you can download  packet tracer 5.3 through following links :

Use Firefox to download the Linux.bin files as Internet Explorer doesn’t load them correctly.


Install Packet Tracer 5.3 in Ubuntu
it’s time to install, for those who choose .deb installer you can install it by dpkg -i just like before,  would be like this.

ex : sudo dpkg -i PacketTracer-5.3-u.i386.deb

To install the Linux BIN packages, set the permission to be executable then execute the binary in the terminal. Execute the following command:

chmod +x PacketTracer531_i386_installer-deb.bin

Running Packet Tracer 5.3 in Ubuntu
After finished all action above, Cisco Packet Tracer must be in your system now, go to Applications > Internet > Cisco Packet Tracer (usually here) to start running packet tracer in ubuntu.

This is an easy tutorial on how to install Packet Tracer in Ubuntu :