Ninite Bulk Software installer

Today i faced mayor problem, i had to re-install Operating system on my working laptop. The fact was that my previous windows 7 installation on that laptop was over a year old and i had a shit load of documents and pictures, programs the way i liked it etc… but it was working so slow and something needed to be done. 

So i installed fresh windows 7 and i didn’t want to repair or save my data. So it was all new and clean and working fast as lightning, but hte thin is, i needed my software back. The most software i use is freeware and can be found anywhere on the net, but i had to use google and download every piece of software separately, so i remembered that i have read somewhere that there was an bulk software installer . So i googled it and there was Nanite. I was a bit skeptic with using this piece of software to be honest so i have picked the software i would like to be installed on my computer and pressed to download/install.

ninite pro


ninite bulk software installer

I went outside to check on my dogs and after a half an hour i came inside checked my computer, every single thing that i have checked on that list was installed and it was working without any problem, now i have setup my computer the way i like in minutes. So if you wish to do the same please be sure to try ninite.

Here you can download it FOR FREE: