Lennox Last Meal


The owner of this beautiful dog named Lennox decided to have a video of him for long last memory. Lennox last meal. This boxer was ill and had quite few surgeries in hope to have his life saved. But doctors have discovered that he is having  a brain tumor and that he is in a lot of pain so he needed to be put down.

That’s why his owner decided to trow him a meal worth of a King, a turkey and a bacon wrapped around it with some rice and veggies. The dog had really nice time eating all that and you could see that he was enjoying while doing that.  As soon as he got the meal he jumped right on the turkey and than tried some rice but wasn’t impressed so he went back to the turkey and bacon.


That afternoon after the meal was done and last words were said, Lennox was put down. We have all lost our good friends, recently the author of this post lost his dog and this story is really sad, so let us pray for good dog Lennox and his owner, and let the memories about this great dog never be forgotten!