IMO im Android

I have been using android phone htc desire hd for quite some time now, and i just love to im over the phone cause it allows me to be on the move all the time and still be in contact with my friends but i had problem i needed to instal a lot of different apps so i could im with all of my friends cause some were on msn the other ones were on google talk and of course there are facebook friends, so i have been searching for quite some time now and now i have found this great android app called IMO im.

This app can unite multyple protocols: MSN, YAHOO, ICQ, GTALK, myspace,skype, facebook, jabber, and few others, so you can have all your friends at one place, you can also have group chat share photos or link accounts it’s all up to you.

android IMO im

You can send voice im-s or share multimedia with your friends. There is an interesting feature and that is notifications that are customizable the only thing that you need is some kind of data plan or a wireless connection so be careful with those you don’t want to have it on your bill.

Here is the download link for IMO IM