How to block facebook ads in Chorme

I have been using one of the biggest social network on the world for quite some time now, in fact is not one of the biggest it is the biggest and it’s facebook. As million people are using facebook there are companies that like to advertise on pages, as you should notice there are ads on the right side of your page. Maybe some of you hate those ads as much as i do and would like to delete them, well there is a way to do that.

adblock for chrom

As you see on our profile there are ads under “Sponsored” , so if you want to remove those ads on facebook or any other website, youtube, or as i sad any you should join the group of 2 mil people who are using adblock. You need to install this plugin just google for adblock chrome plugin and the first result should be the plug in you should install.

ad block installation

Installation process should look something like this, on the pic above. You jst need to click install and it should be all done for using, then go to the page where you want ads block click right click  ad block- block ads on this page and you are ready to go next time you visit your favorite page you will be ads free.

Ad block in action

Thank you for your attention, i hope you find this add-on very helpful, so please do share this post among your friend it would mean a lot to us, till the next time chears, yours Crazy Wolfy