Gmail anounced new gmail look

Today was official announcement on gmail’s blog that they will be releasing new design and improvement gmail, there will be several new features for example :Streamlined conversations, Elastic density,New HD themes, Smarter navigation, Better search.

Streamlined conversations has been re-done completely for easier searching trough mails and now it looks more like google buzz that they are shutting down very soon.


Streamlined conversations

Elastic density You will be able to fit your fonts to your needs. If you prefer a denser view all the time, you can change your density manually in the Settings menu.

customize gmail

There will be NEW HD THEMES for gmail and they do look awesome, don’t they?!

gmail hd theme

There will be Smarter Navigation as well and you can clearly see your contacts, your labels etc.

control gmail

Of course there will be smarter and better looking search that anyone could use and not just some people with skills when you need to go trough 10 000 of emails it was pretty hard stuff to do.

gmail search

All in all it does remind me with some buzz features but i think by closing down one door and opening another they are going to get things really rooling. I love my gmail account and will use it in future as i did for last couple of years. If you wish to read more about this theme better take a look at official gmail blog!