Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 The future of Computers

God only know how many times i have tough omg why do i need to carry so much items, my laptop that is 3kg and 2 of my phones, netbook, tablet, and camera, it’s been a mess, and i have to think about their batteries, and not to forget any of them. Well i am glad to inform you that i have been wondering around the internet and found something that might be interest to all of you who wish that they could bring only one stuff and not to be bothered with all those things above i have said, you don’t need to take 30 bags so you could carry your stuff with you. Fujitsu lifebook 2013 is concept that is brought to us by people from Fujitsu, but i have seen about it at TabletNews. That is all in one mobile computer, “the thing” has it all, a camera, phone, netbook, and full laptop. When it’s mount the tablet is used like a keyboard.


lifebook fujitsu 2013

Fujitsu lifebook 2013

You can detach camera and us it as a separate digital camera, or detach tablet and use it as tablet or you can use it like a drawing board, or something, or even use it as a keyboard for the laptop. There’s also a mobile phone that you can insert into a special area and I guess that this device incorporates the CPU and storage space used by the laptop. It may be looking bulky but i am still interested in original idea and design it fit’s perfectly in my needs and if it comes out by 2013 i think i am going to change all my gear to the lifebook 2013 fujitsu .

I like the idea of having both a tablet and a laptop in a single gadget and connected through a 16 pin docking area. Data is available right away and the device is sensed immediately, also adding some new features to the laptop. I imagine that some virtual game controls will also add to the experience, once they’re displayed on the slate’s screen.

lifebook fujitsu 2013


fujitsu lifebook 2013

I know i like it but the real question is do you, i know i would buy this beauty but would you? Feel free to comment under, and follow us on facebook and twitter for the future updates