Flame is a New Most Complex Computer Super Virus

Flame is a new cyber weapon which threatens the IT world these days. According to the experts Flame virus is much more powerful than anything found so far in circulatiing malwares present in cyber world.


Its even more complex than stuxnet. The Russian antivirus specialists Kaspersky told in a report that a new super virus is circulating since August 2010. According to the Iranian IT experts, this super virus has a “close connection” to Stuxnet which is a highly comlex computer worm that recently attacked iran’s neuclear facilities. “Flame” actually manipulated the centrifuges of iran’s neuclear facilities and damaged it heavily.

“I think it is a much more serious threat than Stuxnet,” said Marco Obiso, the Cyber security coordinator for the UN Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union.

The detailed analysis of “Flame” are not yet complete and the volume of its code and functionality are so great that it will take several months for a complete analysis but it a fact that Flame consists of 20 times more destructive harmful and complex Programm code than Duqu and Stuxnet. Flame can surely and easily be described as one of the most complex threats ever discovered.

The main objective and special task of “Flame” worm is cyber espionage and stealing of information. Kasperky experts are saying clearly of a “New phase of the Cyber ​​War” and the creation of “Super Cyber Weapon.” According to the experts “Flame” is in a position to change the settings of an infected Windows Computer running under XP, Vista and windows 7. “Flame” Virus has also the ability to switch on the microphone ambiguously and record conversations . It also takes the screen shots when certain interesting and important applications are running, for example, IM’s and it records even the Chat-Conversation prefectly.

According to the initial findings, Flame consists of many different plug-ins – up to 20 – which have different specific roles. It easily expands itself over plugins. A specific infection with Flame might have a set of seven plugins, while another infection might have 15. It all depends on the kind of information that is sought from the victim, and how long the system was infected with Flame.

Iran’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has recently announced that up to over 5,000 computers, mainly from Syrian, Iranian, Israeli and Sudanese companies are affected and more are in danger.