Firefox Tips and tricks

1. Are u missing your “properties” on firefox so you can do right click on picture and see their properties here is how you can get it back on your firefox installation

properties on firefox

It’s quite very simple you just need to go to the addons menager and just click add to firefox, restart firefox and you are just ready to use your favorite button.

2. Do you wish to download your favorite videos from youtube, or facebook or any other site for free of course, well there is a way one of my favorite plugins (addons) for fire fox and that’s download helper

download helper

3. The last one i always use and install is the one that i use to share my thoughts all over the internet is amplify, try it if you havent before i know you are going to like it.

amplify pluginAnd the last but not least is ad blocker you remember us talking about ad blocker for chrome well there is the same plugin just for firefox