Firefox 13 Beta

Firefox 12 had official launch that means it’s time for a publication of new beta, Firefox 13 Beta is now available for download and you can find some nifty features in it. Mozilla has added the new speed dial by redesigning the new page and home page. The speed dial is look like you can see on Opera and on Chrome. The new “New Tab” page allows users  to visit their most frequently used pages quickly, and users can pin sites to the “New Tab” page if they like them. The “Home Page”, meanwhile, allows access to add-on management, downloads and various browser functions.

Another new feature that most people will like is the “tabs on demands“. Like other famous browsers, Firefox is allowing users to resume tabs open in a previous session. This can become a problem for people who browse with numerous tabs, however, because re-loading them all at once can take time but the tabs on demand feature only reloads the currently selected tab – the other tabs are loaded as they’re opened, the speed in this edition is not a problem firefox is pretty fast and slick.

On security note firefox 13 is adding support for SPDY that’s newish web protocol that can improve safety and functionality. There are also some under the hood  changes and bug fixed. Now it’s just up to you to check it out and play with it a bit.


firefox 13 beta

firefox 13 beta DOWNLOAD HERE