Change Google Title with your name using PimpMySearch

You want to impress your friends with temporary Main screen with your own “Search screen”. I said temporary, because it’s only the one display, when you key in your ‘search key’ then it will go back to Google again.

How to do it?
Step 1. Goto //

Step 2. Enter your search screen’s ‘Title’.
Just enter your title in the ‘Enter your name’ text box then click ‘>>Create Now”.

Now you have your own Search Screen.

The problem is, you have to type the url address above

To make it easy, just put in the Bookmarks Tool Folder.

Step 3. Add the link to Bookmarks Tool Folder.
Click ‘Bookmarks’ and select ‘Bookmark This Page’.

Then choose ‘Bookmarks Toolbar Folder’ then click ‘Add’ button.

Your link will be displayed on ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’.

Next time you want to display your Search page, just click the link button.Well, now you have your own instant search screen.
Happy trying.