Brett Cohen – New York City Fake Celebrity Pranks

Have you ever wonder what’s the life of celebrity or if you could be celebrity and have some fun? Don’t lie to me! i know you did. Well most of us did at some point of life wonder how is to be a celebrity. So did the student from New York City Brett Cohen, he wanted to show everybody how a lot of people are obsessed with celebrity. He came to an idea how to fool thousands of people on New York Square into thinking that he is one huge celebrity.

Brett Cohen took his allowance bought fancy clothes, hired few photographers and few people to shout and scream when they see him, also got few bodyguards to follow him around and the show could start.While photographers were waiting for him to come out of the building they started a buzz that mayor celebrity is coming out from that building. Many asked the crew who might Brett be but not a single answer was given so a lot of people wanted to take a photo with him so they could brag on their facebook and twitter pages how they found celebrity and maybe one of their friends could guess who he really is.

Brett Cohen

While the crew was walking down the block just a few people even suspected to ask who he is, almost all of them were stating that they know who he is and that he has been acting in the movie spiderman. At the end Brett took pictures with more than 300 people and they were all asked questions who he really is? But as stated before almost all of them were saying that they know Brett Cohen from some movies. This New York Student on creative way showed us that this society doesn’t need to know facts, it’s all about the rumors.