Angry Chinese businessman destroyed Lamborghini Gallardo

It’s not the most conventional of solutions to a persistent fault with your £500,000 super car, but one Chinese businessman decided enough was enough.

He ordered a group of men to smash up his Lamborghini using sledgehammers after the dealership failed to fix a recurring problem.

He became so frustrated with the service he received that he decided to show his anger in the most extreme fashion.

He hired a group of men from China’s eastern Shandong province, gave them sledgehammer and let them get on with smashing up the Italian sports car.

In the UK, the car costs around £140,000 but in China it would have cost a staggering £465,000.

Workers are preparing to destroy him
Onlookers take pictures of workers ready to get smashing

Workers begining to destroy
The first few strikes rain down on the £465,000 car

In an act of ‘public awareness’ the car’s owner hired people to pummel the car with sledgehammers

Man in the audience took the hammer
The car was receiving punishment for not working properly since it was bought in October

People from the audience take souvenirs

After the workers have finished, people watching the spectacle survey the dented bodywork