Android Voip App Viber

Have you ever tough that your call rates are too high and that you only have “hundred messages to send via your package” and it would be great to have some app that will allow you to send free msg-s and call people for free. Well you would definitely think first about Skype, but since Microsoft bought Skype, how should i break this to you, it went to shit, the calls are lagging, quality of sound is horrible and the messages are late.  You will definitely love this app for your phone, free voip app named Viber.

android voip app viber

This is what home scream looks like, of course you would have to install the software on your android phone and your friends should have it installed to, after that you add your contact(friend) and the fun can start, just find some of those free wifi in your neighborhood turn on the program and enjoy, you will see something like this, with few options to put your friend on hold, mute your mic, or put him on speaker, the interesting part about this app is if you get out of range of your wifi it will automatically transfer to your gsm network so won’t lose any info during your call.

android voip app viber android voip app viber

It’s free and it’s easy to use, so what are you waiting for? Try it out and believe me you won’t be disappointed!


I have just noticed that there are versions for iphone as well as for android phones, so here are download links:

Viber for Android.

Viber for Iphone.