Android must have apps 2012

This is my must have application list for android, alto i have been using android for “only” 2 years i have found interesting combination of apps that i always install and use constantly.I am using all the apps on my “old” htc desire hd and will probably continue to use them. So here are few of them:

android must have apps 2012


DolphinBrowser, i personally recommend this browser cause it’s fast and reliable and also allows you to use gestures, you don’t need to download any 3rd party apps to run videos on it, it has built in player so just get it and you are ready to go!

Opera: The never-dying name in the browser world. Opera Mini is available on the Google Play store. There’s no quality compromise with the browser on Android. It will still serve your purpose of browsing the pages.

i have been testing other browsers as well but these 2 are on top of my list, so who likes can try firefox, chrome and others.


I have been playing a lot of games on my phone and i must admit that quite few of them got bored pretty quick but i have some that are always on my phone.

1. Angry Birds, i bet all of you have heard about angry birds game and you know that you trow birds at pigs and try to smash everything on the screen with few chickens! đŸ™‚

2.Drag Racing it’s the game with motorcycles where you get one bike and you but stuff for it, suspension, NOS etc, and you can race with people around the world and compare your skills, pretty funny and also free.

3. Cut the rope Game in which you need to turn on your brain and go trough the levels, there were moments that i tough that i will break my phone but i succeeded to finish it đŸ˜‰


1. Evernote post your notes, pisc, videos and stuff all over the evernote account that way you will be able to get them synced with your computer, tablet or any device that you have, those come very handy.

2.Teamviewer it’s free it’s fast and it works, it’s the remote desktop with which you can control your laptop, tablet, desktop computer and all that for free.

3.IMO instant messenger, the messenger that allows you to connect to skype, icq, msn and other services and chat trough it, i think we wrote about it earlier. Yea we did here is the link.

Book Readers

1.Aldiko : Aldiko is a nice, fast, and a high-end graphic book reader. It supports various formats ranging from PDF to Epub.
2.Moon+Reader: This is my favorite ebook reader. This too supports large amount of formats. Moon+Reader is really light too.
3.Kindle : Kindle app is just an alternative of the Kindle Reader. You need to login to your Amazon account before using this app.



TalkingTom : Talking Tom 1 and Talking Tom 2, both are really awesome apps and will always keep you entertained.

Santa-BantaJokes : The never dying of Santa-Banta jokes will also follow you on your personal Android device. have developed their own app which is light and fast and above all gives you a daily dose of really funny jokes.

PhotoWrap : If you love making fun from your own photos or photos of friends then this app is created for you. Photo wrap is really awesome and gives you the full chance of defacing your friend’s photograph without knowing anything about photo-editing.
And i must say there are a lot of other interesting and useful apps but i have chosen these ones as must have. It’s up to you to try them and leave me a comment i have missed some.