10 Tips how to make your computer work faster

You haven’t reinstalled your os for quite some time and your PC is not working like it used to? Well there are few tips and tricks that you could do and make it run faster it’s not like installing fresh os installation but it will allow you more comfortable working environment.


10. Be sure to delete all your files from recycle bin, you might forgot some files that you have inside there, now be the men and “empty the Recycle bin”

empty your recycle bin

9. Somebody are saying that this is a myth but the others agree with me, you better not have your desktop covered with shortcuts from programs games etc that you are not using.

8. De-fragment your C partition so your hard disk is working faster with more space on C partition, you should actually do this every few weeks it’s good for your computer.

de fragmentation7.Install some antivirus and anti malware program and keep it updated cause you never know what is praying behind any internet site.

6. Clear your internet history and browser coockies whenever you are done browsing.

5. Use console win taster + r and type msconfig  and from delete from start up anything that might be slowing down your computer you don’t need a half stuff from there anyways

4. Set up your Performance tab in System Properties and select “Adjust for best performance”

3. Delete any temp files or folder from windows it will free some of your space.

2.Do the disk clean up regularly every week or so.

1. Delete all the contents of your ‘Recent’ folder regulary. This folder contains shortcut to your recently used documents and programs. Because the shortcuts are just useless.

And the best but not the least instal cc Cleaner it will help you do 80% of the stuff above and you will be more than happy with it’s performance